CallMavens Calling Plans

Whether you prefer to prepay and use our service as needed, or prefer a monthly subscription to control costs for regular use, CallMavens has a package built for you.

Prepaid Service:

Our Prepaid Service is a smart choice for those needing to send out a single message, or periodically over the course of the year. This service is great for last-minute cancellations, periodic alerts, reminders, and school closings. Just upload your contact list, prepurchase a bundle of calls, and use them at any time over the next 12 months.

The more calls you select, the more you save on every call! Note that the tiers below are only the minimum in order to lower your costs -- you'll be able to select the exact number of calls you need at sign-up, and get the benefits of lower pricing according to tier.

Selected Calls Cost Per Call Up-Front Investment Extra Calls At
1500 or above $0.080 $120.00 $0.080
5000 or above $0.070 $350.00 $0.070
10000 or above $0.060 $600.00 $0.060
25000 or above $0.050 $1250.00 $0.050
50000 or above $0.045 $2250.00 $0.045
100000 or above $0.039 $3900.00 $0.039

Monthly Subscription:

If you plan to make calls on an ongoing basis, our Subscription Service adds calls to your plan every month -- at a lower cost per call than a one-time purchase of a similar number of minutes. These plans are designed to give you the freedom to use our service throughout the year at steeply discounted rates, without investing up front in a large bundle of calls.

Monthly plans begin with a one-year contract, and then renew on a monthly basis for as long as you choose. Unused calls remain available to you as long as you remain a subscriber, so you can continue to serve your group as it naturally expands!

Choose the plan that works for you!

Calls Per Month Cost Per Call Monthly Investment Extra Calls At
125 or above $0.080 $10.00 $0.090
450 or above $0.070 $31.50 $0.080
850 or above $0.060 $51.00 $0.070
2100 or above $0.050 $105.00 $0.060
4200 or above $0.045 $189.00 $0.050
9000 or above $0.039 $351.00 $0.045